Grow online leads and sales with copy that’s ethical

Online marketing for small business owners who give a damn

It’s time for us to stop doing things their way

Have you ever had that feeling that you just don’t fit in?

Or had moments of doubt about whether you belong in the crazy online world of business?

You REALLY want to grow your online leads and sales.

But the “online guru” methods and techniques just don’t sit right with you.

“Bropreneurs” who slap each other on the back and brag about their billions make you gag and vomit.

Then there’s the “Hustle and grinders”. They demand you do a billion and one things or accept you’re a failure. Quite frankly, you want to punch them in the face, despite your usual peaceful nature (you and me both).

You’re not up for manipulating others or being sleazy and you live in the real world – with friends, children, responsibilities and a limited amount of hours each day.

And, you give a damn.

You give a damn about your people, what you do and how you do it.

Grow online leads and sales…ethically

Welcome to The Word Professor where I teach you an alternative way to grow online leads and sales. You’ll learn how to write content and copy that’s full of your personality and values.

What you write can nurture your own bunch of crazies of misfits. Those that:

  • OBSESS about what you do
  • Are ADDICTED to your products or services, buying EVERYTHING you offer
  • PRAISE and RECOMMEND you to all their friends
  • Give a DAMN about the SAME things you do

This is content marketing and copywriting that is about your PEOPLE rather than sleazy techniques. Oh, and it also adapts to you and your schedule – no giving up your life to find overnight success.

If you’re a small business with a purpose, you can grow online leads and sales without compromising on who you are or the values you hold. Check out my online marketing courses, programs and freebies below. Or, you can book a 15 minute call with me to discuss which option would be right for you.

Feast on training that helps you to grow online

Why The Word Professor? How can I help a small business to grow online leads and sales?

Well, hello there! I’m Tara, The Word Professor – writer, mentor, cheerleader of female small business owners and entrepreneurs. When I set up my content and copywriting business, I disliked many things about my own industry and didn’t feel like I fitted in.

Therefore, I quietly went about doing things my own way. For example, I refused to put profits above people or to be manipulative. Despite not following the “guru” rules, I achieved great conversion rates and results. It seems people appreciated being treated as the intelligent bods they are – go figure! 

But I got sick of seeing so many other small business owners receiving rubbish advice. It left them feeling inadequate or as if they had to sell their soul to succeed. Especially when I knew there was a different way that worked. What I really wanted was to show others that they did belong and they could succeed.

As a former teacher, it made sense to start mentoring and teaching others to use content and copywriting to grow online leads from the right kind of people. Since then I’ve built a range of online marketing courses, programmes and experiences to give business owners what they need. Click the button below to check out what’s on offer for you.

The Word Hub

The Word Hub is my free resources library. Get access to freebies such as the “7 Ways To Start Your Posts So They Get Attention & Attract Your Audience” Guide  and “LinkedIn Posts That Get You Leads” eBook.