SEO Blog Writing Services That Drive Traffic AND Engage Your Audience

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Getting Attention Online Is Critical For Your Business But Can Feel Almost Impossible In Such A Noisy Market


The online space is noisy and crowded. We’re bombarded with information day or night. In fact, it’s now estimated that we face 34GB of data each day, including 105,000 words. It’s no wonder we’ve mastered the art of scrolling. But, as a business owner, this leaves you with a problem.

How can you break through all that noise to captivate and convert your potential customers? While SEO blog writing services can bring more traffic to your website, it won’t always hold someone’s attention. This is particularly the case with those that still rely on outdated techniques such as keyword stuffing – a quick fire way to turn people off. But SEO optimised blogs don’t have to be this way.

Getting well-written SEO blog posts that captivate and convert customers shouldn’t be an uphill struggle

Here’s how I help you get the best of both worlds with your blog posts:

SEO Optimisation

I write blog posts that are optimised with keyword phrases your customers are searching online. I can use any keyword research you have already done, or do this research for you. This is a key part of using blog posts to increase traffic to your website.

Engaging Content

As a writing professional, I understand how to write blog posts that are also entertaining and informative so they ENGAGE your potential customers. This also increases time spent on your website – another SEO factor that will improve your traffic.


This is often a neglected area. You can also use blog posts to establish thought leadership, strengthening your position as a leader within your niche. This increases confidence in your audience and helps convert more customers.

Save Time

Writing your own blog posts can be time-consuming, especially when there are so many marketing avenues demanding your attention. When I write your blog posts, you get to hand over the entire process so you or your staff can focus on other priorities. You’ll also finally have consistency with your blogging.

Take Back Control

Many businesses today rely on social media to get in front of people. But these platforms are not under your control. These platforms can shut down your accounts with no warning or explanation. But you are in full control of your website and blog posts.


Many writers specialise in an industry. That means they’re writing for your competitors, trying to get you all at the top of the search results. Ethically, I’m not okay with that. With me, you get exclusivity. As an avid learner, I ‘m more than happy to research new topics.

A Simple 3-Step Process To Getting Effective SEO Blog Writing Services

1. Putting Together The Right Plan

When you get in touch, we’ll arrange a call so that we can work out which services would best suit you. This could just be writing a blog post or a fuller service, including extras such as SEO research, sourcing royalty free images and uploading blogs to your website. Once that’s decided we can delve deeper.

2. Getting to Know You Better

To write blog posts that work for YOUR business, I need to get to know you. This includes information such as tone of voice, values, and your target market. This happens in a way that suits you and your schedule. We can either have a call or you can type your answers to the questions.

3. Delivering SEO Blog Writing Services

Finally, I get to work and produce your engaging SEO-optimised blog posts. Meanwhile, you get to carry on with something else or sit back with a hot cuppa. These are then sent to your for approval before I upload them (if this is part of our agreed services). One round of minor edits is included.

When writing is more than a vocation… it’s an OBSESSION

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With over sixteen years’ experience of studying and teaching the written word, your blog posts are with a safe pen. I have a First Class Honours in Literature and a PGCE in English, which means I know a thing or two about writing engaging content. In fact, I’ve taught others to do exactly that, both students in high schools and those wanting to pursue a career as a content writer.

But the writing doesn’t stop there. I’m now studying for an MA in Creative Writing and spend my spare time writing novels. Yes, I’m obsessed. And most days, you can find me curled up with a book or Kindle, reading and absorbing more ways to use words.

Over the last few years, I have written a wide variety of online content, including sales copy, email campaigns, web copy, social media posts, and of course, blog posts. I love supporting other businesses to gain traffic and customers with well-written blog posts. And, unlike others, I won’t take on one of your competitors as a customer. I want to help YOU be the leader and top of the rankings. Want to discover more?