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Have you ever had that feeling that you just don’t fit in? That those around you are just not on your wavelength? If you’ve been trying to build your business in the online space for a while, I’m willing to bet that you’ve come across some methods and techniques that just don’t sit right with you. The “bropreneurs” who slap each other on the back, brag about their billions and insist their way is the only way to succeed, have made you feel like you might not have what it takes. 

But I promise you that you do. All you need to do is believe there’s more than one way to reach your goals, refuse to compromise on who you are or the values you hold, and delve on in to the training.

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You Don’t Have To Compromise On Your Values Or Become Someone You’re Not To Grow In The Online Space That’s because I teach service-based business owners like you a different way to grow your online leads and sales around my five-step method:

  1. 1. Define
  2. Get the foundations of your business clearly defined and ready to build upon
  1. 2. Attract & Connect
  2. Identify the platform, method and strategy that’s right for you to start attracting and connecting with your ideal clients
  1. 3. Develop
  2. Use your intelligent content to develop a relationship with your audience so that they can buy
  1. 4. Sell
  2. Convert your audience into sales with intelligent copywriting that’s genuine and aligned
  1. 5. Review
  2. Review what your doing, make those tweaks and prepare for those next steps.

In other words, you can forget the usual BS, spam and one-size-fits-all (clue: one size fits just one). Instead, imagine building relationships with your ideal client, putting people on an equal with money, selling with integrity, and marketing with ethics. With intelligent and content and copy you can grow your business AND your impact.

The Word Hub

The Word Hub is my free resources library. Get access to freebies such as the “7 Ways To Start Your Posts So They Get Attention & Attract Your Audience” Guide  and “LinkedIn Posts That Get You Leads” eBook.

How does The Word Professor help small businesses to grow online?

Well, hello there! I’m Tara, The Word Professor – writer, mentor, cheerleader of female small business owners and entrepreneurs. When I set up my content and copywriting business, I disliked many things about my own industry.

Therefore, I quietly went about doing things my own way. For example, I refused to put profits above people or to get involved in the usual manipulative marketing and sales techniques. Despite not following the rules, I achieved great conversion rates and results. It seems people appreciated being treated as the intelligent bods they are – go figure! 

But I got sick of seeing so many other service-based business owners receiving rubbish advice that left them feeling inadequate or as if they had to sell their soul to succeed. Especially when I knew there was a different way that worked. What I really wanted was to help other women like myself to succeed.

As a former teacher, it made sense to start mentoring and teaching others how to write and use their content to grow online too. Since then I’ve built a range of courses, programmes and experiences to give business owners what they need.