Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Let’s not beat around the bush – internet marketing for small businesses can be overwhelming. There’s a huge amount to learn when it comes to online marketing and and you can find yourself stuck before you’ve got going.

Ever stared at a blank screen wondering what on earth to write for your social media update?

Or spent hours trying to grasp Facebook to then see everyone talking about LinkedIn?

Perhaps you started a list because everyone told you how important it was but have no idea what to do with it?

Without a doubt, internet marketing can transform your business. For example, it can generate the leads and sales you need to make it a success. But it’s also far too easy to get it wrong and waste huge sums of time and money.

If you want to market your business online with integrity, then check out below the different ways you can work with me.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses



Imagine having a year’s worth of support from someone who gets online marketing. Someone who can teach you how to GROW your online leads and sales.  Welcome to GROW – a 12 month bespoke experience and my flagship program. You receive both 1-2-1 and group support as well as a personalised roadmap for your online marketing. PLUS, you get full access to The Content Classes and The Copy Classes and much more.

Online Marketing Courses for Small Businesses & Freelance Writers

The Content Classes

Online marketing for small businesses can involve a whole range of content writing – social media posts, lead magnets, emails, blog posts and more.

The Content Classes teaches you how to write this content. it also shows you how to use it to generate leads online for your small business.

The Copy Classes

For your online marketing to be successful, it has to lead to sales. This is where copywriting comes in. Think sales email sequences, sales pages, sales techniques, web copy and more.

But here’s the thing, it’s all done without the sleaze and stepping over lines. If you give a damn about others and are in it to make a difference, this is the copywriting course for you.

Mini Courses & Downloadables

The Email & Social Media Content Bundle

Getting started with writing your online marketing and sales can be the hardest step. These downloadables make sure that doesn’t happen.  From the full breakdown and structure of alternative sales emails to storytelling cheatsheets and social media ideas, this bundle has you covered.

This is the ultimate time-saving bundle.

The Social Media Pack

Sick of wasting time staring at the screen unsure what to write? Run out of ideas for your social media posts?

The Social Media Pack gives you an introduction to online marketing for small businesses by supporting you with with your social media posting. Inside you’ll find scaffolding, templates, ideas and information. Start generating leads from your online marketing, fast.

Free Library of Resources

The Word Hub

The Word Hub is my free resources library. Sign up to get access to freebies such as the “7 Ways To Start Your Posts So They Get Attention & Attract Your Audience” Guide  and “LinkedIn Posts That Get You Leads” eBook.