Got sick of being sucked down with toxic bosses and society’s “this is how we do things”? Started a business to smash your way out?

Increase Those Sales, Serve More Customers & Finally Break FREE To Create Your eXtraordinary Life

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Build a business that gives you YOUR version of FREEDOM

You’re a woman who knows what you want. Right now, that’s more freedom and choices. You created your business to give you exactly that.

✓  When it’s your child’s sports day, you’re gonna witness their triumphs.

✓  When the sun is shining midweek, you’re gonna catch those rays.

✓  When your family is desperate for your help, you’re gonna drop everything and run to them.

✓  When a last minute flight comes up to your favourite destination, you’re going to jump on that plane and whizz across the world.

Running your own business is eXciting – it gives you MORE of the good things in life.

eXtra choices.

eXtra flexibility.

eXtra freedom.

Freedom is often touted as a certain kind of lifestyle (usually chillaxing with entrepreneurs in Bali). But in fact, it can mean something different to everyone. For me, running my own business gave me the freedom to:

  • Leave a career that saw me spiralling downwards
  • Home educate my children when school was detrimental to their wellbeing
  • Create our own schedule for doing things
  • Follow our own passions

If someone’s having a rough day, we can stop what we’re doing and go and find our fun factor (value = priceless). Freedom doesn’t have to be one thing – building your business it’s about creating the freedom YOU crave.

There’s just one catch…

This can only happen if you’ve got business and money coming in. Yup, it means you must make sales. A few likes and hearts on social media might stroke your ego but it isn’t going to feed your family. That’s where being in business can be scary as f**k.

Because if you don’t make it happen, you’ll be forced to return to the 9-5 with Satan’s best mate as your boss.

You’ll end up:

“Average” (*shock, horror*)

Following the crowd and living a “normal life” (*shudders*)

Sticking to the rules and being dictated to by others for the rest of your life (*bleeuurgh*, pass the sick bucket)

Discover How To Expand Your Sales And Skyrocket Your Freedom YOUR Way

But don’t worry. It can be done, whatever your circumstances (admittedly, throwing my mountain of teaching folders into the fire MIGHT have left me with little choice, but hey, it worked!). I’ve helped plenty of women do the same with far less drastic action.

Oh, there’s plenty of online “gurus” out there shouting that you must hustle and grind. And you’ve seen the bro-marketers flexing their biceps and boasting about the billions they’ve made from their secret formula (*eye roll*). But they leave you and I with a bad taste in our mouth.

Yes, you want to make money. Yes, you want more freedom. But, YO, you’ve got values too.

You’re not up for sleazy sales shit, or taking people’s money and not delivering – you don’t wanna be anywhere near that kind of underhand dirt.

There’s also the small matter that as a woman, you have more responsibilities than just sitting at your desk. Hustling and grinding on your business all day long? What planet are they on? Get back in your box, Bro…

Which leaves you a bit stuck. You need to make money, but you need to do it on terms that fit you – your personality, lifestyle and time available. Oh, and it’s GOTTA be aligned with your VALUES.

Welcome to The X Collective

The X Collective is a monthly membership that gives you everything you need to convert more of your people into buying customers…ethically! It’s the place where:

You CAN get eXtra leads AND give a damn

You CAN create eXtra income AND do the right thing

You CAN make eXtra sales AND remain aligned with your values

You CAN be you, a successful business owner AND create your life full of eXtra fun and freedom.

It’s the place where you belong.

Three Levels Of Support To Suit Your Individual Needs

The amount of support you need can change over time. That’s why we’ve create three different levels to The X Collective membership. You can choose between standard, premium or VIP and there’s zero tie-in meaning you get to choose what support you want and when.

Standard Membership includes:


Access to an eXtensive library of materials and resources

Inside The X Collective, you get access to ALL my content marketing and copywriting materials – from courses and programs to digital products. The membership is jam-packed full with valuable resources that you can use to get eXtra leads and sales. This includes scaffolding and templates for emails, sales pages and much more. Plus, you get guidance on which of these to focus on depending on where you are in your business.


An eXclusive and inclusive community of like-minded women

You will be a member of The X Collective Facebook group where you will be able to get access to me. Got a question or query? Need some help with something? Pop it in the group and I’ll help you out. Plus, it’s also the safe place where you can network, celebrate your successes and seek support and advice from the other incredible and like-minded members.


eXtras such as our monthly batch writing days and masterclasses

Each month, we gather on Zoom to get shit done. Think of it as a virtual co-working session during which you write a bunch of content. Nothing like a little accountability and a watchful eye to supercharge your motivation! But the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get access to Master Classes that will boost your success. Plus, we have a few other things planned (paaaar-ty, anyone?!) and will seek your feedback to help us mould the membership.  

Premium Membership includes all of the above PLUS:


Group coaching calls to help you eXcel

With this premium membership, you get an invitation to our monthly group sessions on Zoom ONLY available for those with premium or VIP membership. This is your opportunity to have full access to me, to ask questions and seek my advice. You can also request for topics to be covered.


An eXpert’s eye looking at your content or copy 

Premium membership also gives you the opportunity to get my expert eye on your writing. Each month you will be able to bring along a piece of writing to the Batch Writing Days for me to review and I’ll give you my feedback.

VIP Membership has limited spaces available (only 7 remaining). It includes everything in the Premium and Standard options PLUS:


One-to-one sessions to eXplode your progress

The most effective way to progress your business is with one-to-one support. Each quarter you’ll have a 45 minute session with me to set out your roadmap for the next three months with full guidance on what lessons and resources you should focus on to achieve that. Then, in the following two months, you’ll have a 15 minute follow up to check on your progress and smooth out any issues. THIS is what has helped my clients to get fully booked!


An eXpert’s eye looking at your content or copy anytime 

VIP membership also gives you the opportunity to get my expert eye on your writing when you need it. Each month you will be able to submit up to two pieces of content or copy for me to review. Within 72 hours (Monday-Friday) you will receive my feedback.

Standard Membership

  Immediate and full access to all courses, lessons and resources

  Monthly virtual batch writing days

✓  Additional Masterclasses as they’re released

✓  Supportive Facebook community

X Group coaching calls

X Opportunity for feedback during virtual days

X  Written feedback on your writing twice a month

X  One-to-one sessions and quarterly roadmap for moving your business forward

£47 per month 

Premium Membership

  Immediate and full access to all courses, lessons and resources

✓  Monthly virtual batch writing days

✓  Additional Masterclasses as they’re released

✓  Supportive Facebook community

✓  Group coaching calls

✓  Opportunity for feedback during virtual days

X  Written feedback on your writing twice a month

 One-to-one sessions and quarterly roadmap for moving your business forward

 £77 per month

VIP Membership

✓  Immediate and full access to all courses, lessons and resources

✓  Monthly virtual batch writing days

✓  Additional Masterclasses as they’re released

✓  Supportive Facebook community

✓  Group coaching calls

✓  Opportunity for feedback during virtual days

✓  Written feedback on your writing twice a month

✓  One-to-one sessions and quarterly roadmap for moving your business forward

 £147 per month

Sick Of Marketing Manipulation And Spammy Sales?

Discover A Different Way To Increase Your Sales & Freedom

Hey, I’m Tara. When I realised I was going to have to support and raise my two children on my own, I initially went the “traditional” route. I thought I had to have a career. I studied for a degree in Literature, achieved First Class Honours and then went on to train as a teacher. 

But I soon discovered that it was a career that took over your life. There was no time for my children. Yet, I felt trapped – I was at the mercy of bosses demanding more of my time and more of my energy. The realisation that I’d never get to attend my daughter’s Sport’s Day hit me hard.

It wasn’t until I had no other choice that I discovered an alternative – the world of entrepreneurship and online business.  The discovery that I could set my own hours and rules changed my life. 

I had the freedom to:

Work more or less hours on any given day

Work from wherever I wanted

Work around my children’s needs

Earn however much I wanted to earn with no “pay grades” or limits

Do as I pleased rather than as I was told!

It was exhilarating.

However, the more time I spent online, the more disgusted I was with what I saw and experienced. Words were being thrown around with zero responsibility – as long as they got sales anything was fair game including manipulation and outright lies. It’s led to many, including myself, feeling frustrated and sceptical. But it’s not just that.

I give a damn about others and the impact I have and refuse to put profit above people. With over 15 years experience studying words and their impact, I know they can be used to empower others and to do good as well as make sales. And that’s what I did. I wrote for multi 6 figure launches and multi million pound companies getting them attention and sales online…ethically. 

But as someone who gives a damn, I wanted to do more to support the women business owners like me – those who:

Created a business to give them more freedom and choices

Wanted to make more money AND a difference

Had a desire to increase their sales without selling their soul

As an English teacher, content and copywriter, and business owner, I knew I had the unique set of skills to mentor and empower these female business owners to write words that would appeal to their people and increase sales…ethically.

Still not sure? Here are some things people have said while working with me:

And there’s more:

And even more:

Tara is a words genius…it feels like she has been inside my head! She quickly and easily is able to grasp your message and tone and has a great ability in teaching others how to do this too. Thank you Tara for your support and brilliance.
Michelle Childs

Founder of BizMums & Energy Editing Professional

Tara is a word wizard. It’s really tough to write a sales page yourself as you are too close to what you are trying to sell. Tara was able to see the value in what I deliver and find the story behind my ramblings – which she transformed into a sales page that has done all the selling for me. I will be using the copy on that sales page over and over and would recommend using Tara to anyone
Kimba Cooper

Founder of Kimba Digital Marketing & Instagram Coach

But that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone…

The X Collective is for you, if: 

You created your business to give you more fun and freedom

You want to discover how to write words that will sell more…ethically

You’re thoughtful, compassionate and someone who gives a damn

You want to be a part of an inclusive and supportive community

You’re ready to focus and commit to your business

You want to make more money in the right way.

It’s not for you if: 

You’re looking for a magic formula and overnight success

You prioritise money over people

Your business is more of a hobby

An inclusive community is not your thing

(If you’ve read this far, then it’s unlikely this is you!) 

Please note that places in the VIP Membership are limited – not because it’s a marketing gimmick – but because it includes 1-2-1 support and time is finite! 

 The current investment is £47 per month for Standard Membership (this also has a 14 day free trial), £77 per month for Premium and £147 per month for VIP. Annual packages are also available and offer a discount. 

If you want to convert more of your people into paying customers, come on in and join us. I can’t wait to meet you.

Tara xx

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The X Collective starts at £47 per month for Standard Membership. However, a free 14 day trial is offered. Premium Membership is £77 per month and VIP Membership £147 per month.

Annual packages are £497 for Standard, £797 for Premium and £1497 for VIP.

What is included in the curriculum and materials?

There are currently over 20 different modules. Amongst others, these include everything from my courses, The Content Classes and The Copy Classes. Modules include social media profiles and posts, storytelling, selling, lead magnets, sales pages, email marketing, sales email sequences, SEO, content planning and more. You can see a summary of the modules here.

How do I know where to start? Won’t I get overwhelmed with all the modules?

When you first join The X Collective, the welcome message will direct you to a few simple questions to answer. These will help me to get to know you, your business, and what support you need right now. I will then reply, letting you know which modules you should focus on initially.

There is also a module I suggest for everyone so you can get started right away. Plus, you can always ask for support in the Facebook group.

The modules are also easy to use. Writing a sales page? You can head to that module and follow the lessons taking you through the whole process step-by-step. Want ideas for your social media posts? Again, you can head to that module and run through the relevant lessons.

If you choose the VIP Membership, then as a part of this, you will receive a personalised “roadmap” after your first call that will set out which lessons and modules you should follow to achieve your goals.

How much support will I get?

Everyone in The X Collective gets access to the comprehensive curriculum as well as the Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support. Plus, you are invited to join the Batch Writing Days where we gather virtually to get content and copy done!

With Premium Membership, you also get a monthly coaching call plus an opportunity to get feedback on your writing during the Batch Writing Days.

VIP Membership comes with the most support. You get monthly one-to-one sessions (45 minutes each quarter and a 15 minute follow-up on the other months). Plus, you’re able to get written feedback on your content and copy.

Do I really need this program?

Only you can answer that. The X Collective will show you how to write words that increase your sales in a way that is aligned with you and your values.

If you’ve been trying to build online for a while and have been struggling to get leads and attract the right people, or are sick of trying to do it in a way that feels wrong for you, then this program will help you. If you’ve made a start but are looking to ramp things up then it’ll help you with that too. But it is up to you to decide whether this is right for you.

What if I have more questions?

No problem. If you have a question or would like to chat further about the program, just book a 15 minute chat here.

How do I join The X Collective?

You can get a free 14 day trial of the Standard Membership here. Alternatively, you can join Premium Membership here or VIP Membership here