Has there ever been a time when so much has changed so quickly? I’ve been working in the online space for a good few years and wanted to offer some help. 

I know for those of you in the food and drink industry, the challenges have been extraordinary.

  • Increase in demand with people baking from home and wanting to stock up
  • Supplier issues
  • Delays in deliveries
  • Bricks and mortar trying to move to online
  • Bringing in takeaway and home delivery options
  • Closing premises and not knowing when you’ll re-open…

Some of you will have experienced a huge spike in demand and others will now find themselves with zero business.

In terms of customers, that presents two interesting situations:

1. Old customers

If your business is shut right now, how can you ensure you don’t lose your existing, loyal customer base? 

2. New customers

If you have an increase in demand and new people are coming your way, how can you ensure that they remain customers after the lockdown is lifted?

That’s where email marketing comes in. It’s true that not everyone opens these but a higher percentage will read them (if they’re done right) than will see your social media posts.

 Even better, with so many people working from home or furloughed at the moment, the amount of people opening these emails has increased.

 Many emails however, are just about the latest offer or newest product. With nothing else in the mix, people soon stop opening these. There are much more powerful things that you can do with email. 

 As a copywriter who specialises in email, I know a thing or two about how you can use them. I’ll write more posts in due course but if you want to have a free chat about how you could better use your email list, then just drop me a message.


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