Boat Horns, Claps & Pans 

It might not seem like it but this story has everything to do with how you can create customer loyalty with email marketing.

It starts at 8.00pm on Thursday.

I grab a pan and a wooden spoon and walk out of my house and onto the driveway.

Thursday evenings used to be the day I took my daughter to her St Johns Ambulance cadet session.

But no longer. Life changed 5 weeks ago.

Now, Thursday evenings are about going outside and making noise to show our appreciation for the NHS and all our keyworkers.

Who knows how long this will go on and when life will return to normal? But while we’re fighting Covid-19, THIS is the new normal.

The first week, I felt a bit daft. I live in a rural area with few neighbours. Most of them keep to themselves. It would be just me.

It was great for all those who lived in suburbia or cities surrounded by everyone. The videos were magical and bought tears to my eyes.

But here? In the countryside?

How wrong I was. The first time I just clapped.

And then I could hear a neighbour ringing a bell.

Followed by a whole array of boat horns at the nearby marina.

Woops and hollas, car horns, claps…a cacophony of noise.

Suddenly, I was no longer on my own. Despite having to hide away in our homes, I was part of a community of people in this together.

Knowing you’re not on your own? Wow, that’s some powerful stuff.

Revealed: How This Helps You Build Customer Loyalty

That’s because community is part of what makes us human. It’s evolutionary – we can achieve more when we are part of a tribe or community.

As it’s a part of our evolution, it means we have a strong biological drive to find “our community” – a place where we belong. When we’re there, we want to remain a part of it.

What many eCommerce businesses don’t realise is just how powerful it is for your brand to create a sense of community. Oatly is a perfect example of a brand getting it right. They now have dedicated and raving fans spreading the word for them and continuing to buy over and over again.

Give people a sense of belonging and community, and you create customer loyalty.

What even fewer eCommerces realise is the role that email marketing can play in this. Your emails are an opportunity to show your customers what you stand for, what your values are…the type of stuff that builds communities.

They give you the perfect chance to draw back the curtain and reveal what’s at the heart of your business. To go behind the scenes of the products you sell to the deeper level stuff.

By sending regular emails to your customers that tell them these stories, you not only give them the community they want but also turn them into loyal customers.

Email marketing is the way to go for eCommerces wanting to build customer loyalty. If you want to discover how email marketing could help your eCommerce you can book a call with me here.


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