I’m Tara. Digital Copywriting Expert. Online Marketing Mentor. Story Geek. Teacher.

Nickname: Wizardess of Oz (because I give courage, heart and knowledge to others).

Type: A bit weird. One of life’s misfits. Past caring what others think. 

Was: A Single-Mother-Living-On-Benefits & Hated By Society.

Now: An Intelligent & Successful Business Owner Putting Two Fingers Up To Her Doubters.

 The Secret’s Out…

Have you ever left an email unopened because you knew it was just another one of THOSE sales emails? Or perhaps you’ve felt your eyes glaze over as you read the stack of bonuses with their worth-a-gazillion-pounds value that would disappear in 24 hours. And then there are the live-but-not-really-live webinars…

Me too. Worse still, my own industry and digital copywriting is responsible for a lot of this shadiness. I would read in horror as other online copywriters congratulated themselves on their latest “tactics”. For me, these were lines I just would not cross. I was not up for toying with emotions or putting profits above people. 

Instead, I kept quiet about my different approach – hiding it like it was a dirty little secret. I mean, who was I to question these gurus? I had gone from a single mum on benefits to a high school English Teacher before crashing out with a breakdown and hitting rock bottom again.

But over the next couple of years, I continued with my digital copywriting and online marketing. I remain aligned to my values and treated audiences as the intelligent people they are. My business grew. My customers’ businesses grew. I worked on few multi-six figure launches and wrote for multi-million pound organisations. With confidence in my methods, I started having braver conversations. What I discovered led me to where I am today…

Musings about my methods

 An Alternative Style Of Online Marketing & 

Digital Copywriting

Those conversations revealed that I was not alone in hating what I saw in the online world. There was a growing number of female service-based entrepreneurs who wanted an alternative way to grow in the online space too. Many had spent their time and money only to be taught methods that were completely out of alignment with their values. Like me, they questioned whether they belonged in this crazy online world.

As a qualified English teacher, I knew that I was uniquely positioned to teach these women my methods of writing content and generating leads online, without compromising on values. It starts with defining the foundations of your business. Only then can you choose the best platform and methods for you. Did I mention there’s more than one way to grow online?  That means there’s a way to do it without compromising on who you are or what you stand for.

But it’s become more than that. Working with women like you has also lead to a community – a space where you can belong, where you are amongst others who think and feel the same, and where you can grow with integrity.

I once heard Michelle Obama say that rather than turning our backs on where we once were, we should turn around, put a hand out and help others rise up too (I paraphrase, but you get the sentiment). It has always struck a chord with me. Now, I do just that.  If you would like to enter my little sanctuary, head on over to my training…there are even free resources to get you started, 

The Word Hub

The Word Hub is my free resources library. Get access to freebies such as the “7 Ways To Start Your Posts So They Get Attention & Attract Your Audience” Guide and “LinkedIn Posts That Get You Leads” eBook as well as receiving my weekly email with even more advice.

Want More Juicy Details? Here’s 9 More Facts About Me

  1. I’m a bit obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed) with dancing. Don’t expect a reply when Strictly is on.
  2. Coffee and dogs appear a lot in The Word Professor. I’m a big fan of both.
  3. I was a naughty girl at college and returned to education after having my children. 
  4. The rebel lives on within me…and my daughter…
  5. I now have a First Class Honours in Literature and a PGCE {M} in English.
  6. I’m itching to do a Masters…education is addictive.
  7. If there’s a decent book on storytelling, I’ve probably got it.
  8. Yes, I really was a single mum on benefits. Before that, it was even worse. Yes, you can ask.
  9. I got the nickname “Wizardess of Oz” during my 5 day challenge – heart, courage, knowledge pretty much sums me up.