Once upon a time…



Have you ever left an email unopened because you knew it was just another one of THOSE sales emails? Or perhaps you’ve felt your eyes glaze over as you read the stack of bonuses with their worth-a-gazillion-pounds value that would disappear in 24 hours. And then there’s the live-but-not-really-live webinars…

Hi, I’m Tara Louise, the founder and owner of The Word Professor and just like you I was sick of the same old BS tactics. But before we get to that, we have to take a trip back in time.

Once upon a time, I was mum to two young children, trapped in an abusive marriage with a husband intent on drinking away our home.



I knew I wanted more for my children so I hatched a 7 year escape plan – study part time for a degree in literature and become a teacher, a proper profession that would secure our future.

I immersed myself in my studies and the stories. They were my sanctuary and showed me new possibilities. They gave me more strength and belief in myself than I could ever have imagined. They saved me.

I grew in confidence and as a person, ended the marriage, gained a First Class Honours in Literature and became a teacher. I then spent a number of years teaching English Language, Literature and Media Studies to teenagers.

But it wasn’t to be. Teaching broke me.



While sat at home trying to heal, I learned about the stories that I was telling myself, how the mind works and found myself analysing what I read in a different way – What motivates the characters? What influences them to behave in that way? What are they thinking?

Words and stories saved me again.

I decided to leave teaching and start my own business but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do other than share the potency of stories and words – remember, they had changed my life twice.  

It took two years to discover what I should be doing. 

During those two years I was trying out different business ideas and became increasingly frustrated at some of the content and copy I was reading. I was their ideal audience but felt disconnected from their message. All I saw was the same old way of writing a sales page, the same meaningless phrases, and the same filler content that nobody bothered reading.

It lacked personality and personability.

The more I read and the more I spoke to others, the more I realised that there was a problem. There was too much focus on getting a quick sale and not enough on building genuine, emotional connections with people.

Rather than falling for the BS sales tactics, we were laughing at the ridiculousness of these techniques or feeling angry about the way we were being treated. 



A different type of content and copy was needed. Writing that was intelligent, thought-provoking and personable.

One day, I found myself being shown how to put together a blog post for a sales funnel and knew there was a better way.

That was the moment.

I had spent years studying words and stories, their structure and impact on the reader. I had taught others how to write and craft specific effects.

I analysed everything I read – every email, sales page and blog post.

I’d spent the last two years in the online service-based business world.

I needed to be writing that intelligent, thought-provoking and personable copy.

The Word Professor was born.

Specialising in storytelling, I offered BS-free copy and content to service-based businesses.

It proved popular and I was full in a matter of weeks.

Customers repeatedly commented on how I got “inside heads”, that it was like I was sitting on their shoulder, watching their life.

But time limited me and I had to turn down work.



I tried expanding, bringing in other writers but they just weren’t right. They didn’t get in people’s heads. Then, I started teaching others to write copy and content. At the end of the 10 week mentorship program, I had amazing writers who “got it”.

They understood empathy.

They recognised the power of words – the influence that they can have on someone else.

They also respected the responsibility that comes with that.

They weren’t interested in tricking people into sales. Instead, they wanted to nurture the relationship and build an engaged audience who would be excited to buy.

Their writing was intelligent, thought-provoking and personable.

I had my writers.



And The Word Professor grew up into the copywriting agency that it is today.

In a world that is increasingly lived out online, people crave connections. They want to feel understood, valued and part of a community.

Before the internet, we might have seen a few adverts a day. Today, we’re bombarded with around 5000 every 24 hours.

We have become wise to the techniques. Worn out by the same old phrases.

A different type of copywriting has been needed for a while and that’s exactly what The Word Professor offers. Copy that empathises with your ideal client and makes them feel valued. It nurtures your audience so they are engaged and the sales then follow with ease.

If you want to nurture the relationship with your audience and want BS free, honest and intelligent copy and content, you can check out our services here.


I LOVE the emails!!! You are indeed The Word Professor, they are exactly what I have been wanting and I am thrilled with them. Thank you so much!




"Tara opened my eyes to the importance of storytelling in the content you write, whether it is website copy, LinkedIn posts/articles, social media content and presentations. She is able to represent your story in a professional, approachable and "target-audience" appropriate manner...I felt she really cared about my business and how it came across to the reader...I would have no hesitation in recommending Tara."



Tara is a word's genius! I read the posts that she has written for me and it feels like she has been inside my head!

She quickly and easily is able to grasp your message and tone and has a great ability in teaching others how to do this too. Thank you Tara for your support and brilliance!