Sick of content marketing online & not getting leads?


Learn How To Write Content That Attracts & Nurtures Your Leads

Online content marketing can suckity-suck-suck.

God damn it, you spend hours stressing over what to post, finally put something out there and all you get is a front row seat to tumbleweed rolling across your screen. Eurgh. It’s demoralising.

Plus, it’s a time-suck and an energy-suck.

You run out of ideas for your social media posts and either spend too long thinking about what to write or just skip it for that day and tell yourself it won’t matter.

You know that your content is missing the mark somehow. You don’t feel like your audience is growing, that you’re connecting with the right people or developing the relationship. No one seems to want to buy. 

You keep hearing about lead magnets and you’re either unsure what that is or have had a go but not got very far with it.

You know you’re supposed to be building a “list” but you’ve not really got to grips with it – there’s so much that seems to need doing.

You might have a list but you’ve done nothing with it. Let’s face it, the struggle with social media posts is draining enough. The idea of writing emails too…

You’ve realised that “spray and pray” posting and marketing isn’t really working for you. Business is inconsistent at best.

Don’t worry, you are far from alone and this can all be solved with The Content Classes

Learn How To Grow & Nurture An Engaged Audience Who Are Ready To Buy

Online content marketing and list building does not have to suck. In fact, you can learn how to do it in a way that is aligned with you. With great content you can build connections with the right people and nurture the relationship with them so that they are ready to buy from you. For example, with The Content Classes you will:


Have plenty of ideas for engaging content posts and a plan to keep you on track so that you can build consistency and an audience base of ideal clients for your business.


Learn how to write content that will connect with your ideal clients and that will build the relationship with them so they know that you’re the person they want to buy from.


Discover the secrets of “lead magnets” and how to create one that will have your ideal clients clamouring to get their hands on it.


Build a list of ideal clients who love what you do, become your groupies and are eager to get their hands on everything you offer.


Receive everything you need to write regular emails to your list that get opened and read while building the relationship with your new audience and leads.


Get consistent and focused in your online content marketing to maximise your time so you get more leads and sales into your business.

What’s included?

You get access to 1O different modules each teaching you a different area of online content marketing.  A new one is released each week. The modules included are:



Module 1 gets you defining the foundations of your business. This is what your content will then be built upon. It will get you taking a fresh look at your business. 



Module 4 lifts the lid on storytelling so you can harness its power in your posts and make instant human connections, build leads and get sales.



Module 7 reveal the different ways that you can get your lead magnet out there in front of people and have them signing up for it.  



Module 10 reveals the secrets to quickly planning and writing blog posts and how you can also use these to attract and nurture leads.



Module 2 shows you how to get your social media set up to maximise its potential as well as teaching you some little extras that will help you succeed.



Module 5 reveals what you need to know about lead magnets and supports you in creating one that your ideal clients will want to get their hands on.



Module 8 gives you the step-by-step process of writing a series of emails that nurture the relationship and start getting sales.



You’ll get access to a Facebook group so that you can become a part of a community of others on the same path and seek support when needed.



Module 3 reveals the secrets to successful social media posts as well as providing you with ample of ideas, examples and templates. Never be stuck on what to post again.



 Module 6 teaches you how to write the highly converting landing page that you’ll need for your lead magnet and gives you a walk through of how to set it all up. 



Module 9 supports you in planning and writing those regular emails to your list that will keep nurturing them so they move along the buyer’s journey.

Learn Online Content Marketing & HOW To Write Content That Attracts & Nurtures Leads From A Teacher & Copywriter

Hey, I’m Tara, the Founder and Owner of The Word Professor. I’m passionate about stories, words and their impact on people. That’s why you won’t find me following the usual spammy tactics and lies. In other words, I hate many of the things that go on in my own industry – dishonesty and techniques that put sales before people.

Ever read “limited spaces available” to then discover they were far from limited? It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, right? You feel conned. It didn’t take me long to discover that many others were feeling the same way too which is why I developed what I call “intelligent content and copy”. This places the person at the centre of your sale. With online content marketing that focuses on human connections, you can attract and nurture an audience who love to buy from you.

As a qualified English teacher, I knew I needed to start teaching this type of writing. That way, business owners like you could flourish and grow, serving customers that fill you with pride.

Tara is a words genius…it feels like she has been inside my head! She quickly and easily is able to grasp your message and tone and has a great ability in teaching others how to do this too. Thank you Tara for your support and brilliance.

Michelle Childs

Founder of BizMums & Energy Editing Professional

Tara is a word wizard. It’s really tough to write a sales page yourself as you are too close to what you are trying to sell. Tara was able to see the value in what I deliver and find the story behind my ramblings – which she transformed into a sales page that has done all the selling for me. I will be using the copy on that sales page over and over and would recommend using Tara to anyone

Kimba Cooper

Founder of Kimba Digital Marketing & Instagram Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Content Classes costs £297 for the 10 module course.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, The Content Classes is available on a 3 month payment plan making it just £99 per month. 

When can I start?

The first unit is released immediately. After that, a new unit is released each week.

How much time will it take?

A module is released each week and has a different amount of lessons depending on the topic. Depending on how quickly you work these probably average 1-3 hours each week.

By releasing a module a week, this allows you to do the work around your own schedule rather than having to commit to daily lessons. 

Writing your content can take longer during some units. However, you can always spend your time doing this and return to the course in your own time.

How much support will I get?

This is a self-study course. However, there is a Facebook group that you can join and ask questions. There are also some additional videos in this group covering frequently asked questions.

Should you need additional support while studying The Content Classes, then you can purchase a one-to-one session at a special rate of £149.

Do I really need The Content Classes?

Only you can answer that. They will teach you how to write content that attracts and nurtures your leads. If you’re new into business or have been trying to build online for a while and have been struggling to get leads and attract the right people, then this course will help. If you’ve also made a start but are looking to ramp things up then they’ll help you too.

But it is up to you to decide whether this is right for you.

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the button below and you’ll be taken through to The Content Classes where you can choose between a one-off payment or the 3 month payment plan.

Get The Content Classes &  Learn Online Content Marketing So You Can Get More Leads In Your Business